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Willem Kieft (1597–1647) was a Dutch merchant who was appointed by the West India Company as director-general of New Netherland in 1638. Kieft instituted a harsh policy toward the indigenous peoples, whom he attempted to tax and drive from their lands. From: http://www.wdl.org/en/item/4060

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“The spirits of Africa confront the memory of New York City’s slave trading past.

This song from Zimbabwean Mbira maerstro Chartwell Dutiro’s latest album Pasichigare (Traditional ways of living), is a prayer for guidance from the ancestors during troubled times.

The video was filmed overlooking New York City’s downtown financial district, home to Wall Street, the New York Stock Exchange and the base of the global predatory capitalist system that holds our planet and all of its people hostage today.

It juxtaposes the sacred and spiritual Mbira music of Zimbabwe and the memory of the tens of thousands of slaves who were brought here from Africa in the early days of the New York colony and whose forced labor provided the foundation for capitalism on which the wealth of Europe and America was built.


The spirit of Africa is represented by the return of Mbuya Nehanda, the most powerful spirit medium of Zimbabwe who spear-headed resistance to the colonial invasion of southern Africa in the1890s and who was eventually captured and hung by the British settlers.


Wandering through the city, Nehanda ends up at the African Burial Ground in downtown Manhattan where the “forgotten” remains of some of the more than15,000 African men, women and children slaves were discovered during the laying of foundations for a new high-rise building in the 1990s.


For all those who were lost
For all those who were stolen
For all those who were left behind
For all those who were not forgotten

Featuring Chartwell Dutiro and Nora Balaban on mbiras, and introducing Ifunanya Enezuagu as Mbuya Nehanda.

Directed and shot by Bob Coen

Montage by KiNo

Thanks to Jacquees Silver” From: https://vimeo.com/116784971